How to Practice Dating Beautiful Women — Painlessly

by Sgt. Ray

There's a show on TV called "Blind Date," which sets up two people on a blind date and follows them around with a camera. Suspense comes from the question, "How will this date go?" At the end of the date, each person is interviewed to get his candid thoughts.

I view this show as a laboratory, in which I can painlessly get dating experience: in other words, it is free, and I don't have to worry about getting burned.

The problem is that when you are dating or in the middle of a pick up, you are biased. It's too easy to misinterpret a woman's actions as positive, because she's so hot, or as negative, because you're used to failure.

Here's the test: can you predict how the date is going to end? Can you recognize the signs of success or failure long before the date ends? I think every serious Don Juan should view this as homework, or as time spent like a research scientist in the lab.

It is interesting to see clueless guys blow up in the course of the date, and not know why, like the guy who stated at the start of the date that he liked Internet porn, or the guy who talked about the time that he ran over a dog on another date.

It is infuriating to see a woman who has lost respect for a date begin cutting on him or teasing him, often without him even knowing what is gong on. (If you have ever doubted that women can be evil, the show will eliminate your doubts forever.)

Pretty soon you will begin to see patterns forming.

Before every date, the woman says she wants an "aggressive," "outgoing," "take charge," "assertive," "risk-taking," guy, etc. And every time you see a shy, quiet, Nice Guy, you know he's going to flame out.

I've learned a ton from the show, and I've seen every principle expounded on this site proven to be true.