How to Talk About Your Ex-Wife with a Woman

Stay Positive and Never Badmouth Your Ex

by Mellow Mel

The real reason why me and my ex got divorced is because she was very spoiled, very controlling, use to getting her way and always threatened to break up with me unless I gave in to her way.

Finally, I got fed up and called her bluff one day. I don't really believe that she wanted the divorce because she procrastinated a lot when the time came to put the divorce process in motion, delayed as long as she could and showed a lot of subtle signs that she wasn't really ready to let go.

But my point is this: whenever a lady that I am dating asks me what lead up to the divorce, I "NEVER" give them my real opinion of what happened.

I will tell them something like, "We were both to blame, we both made mistakes and were both very young and immature." Or I'll say that, "We weren't really able to appreciate the value of my marriage back then because of our illusions and fantasy of what marriage was like didn't give us the clear reality."

The reason why I acknowledge some of the blame when I tell women about my divorce is this: by not bad mouthing, belittling or entirely blaming your ex for the divorce when talking to a lady, you make yourself look like a very honest, fair, reasonable and rational man who learns from the bad experiences in your life. Instead of just living through them without learning anything and blaming other people for your misfortunes.

Women are very curious about how you talk about your ex because it reveals a little about how you are going to talk about and treat them if things don't work out. And how willing you are to look at yourself honestly and admit when you are wrong.

Just like men, women hate to be with someone who "always" thinks that they are right and never to blame.