How to Use the Internet Personals to Meet Women

Learn From My Mistakes — Meet More Women Than You Can Handle

by Krynnster

I decided to share with you guys and gals some of my opinions about using the Internet personals and an approach that, so far, has worked for me very well.

I'll start by telling you a few things about myself because it will go a long way towards explaining my attitude.

I'm almost 26 and when I'm dating women I do it for the purpose of starting a relationship (long-term or short-term, whatever happens). I am not ready to "get settled" and start a family just yet. But on the other hand, I am not a "player" and I don't look for one night stands or purely sexual relationships either. For me, sex has a lot to do with emotions and it's so much better anyway when you have strong feelings for the woman.

So, as you might have figured out by now, my biggest problem with finding compatible women is finding the right personality. I have little problem attracting attractive women. I proved this to myself when I went on a date with a model-class blond a few weeks ago and kept her excited throughout the date.

But when I start to get to know them better, unless they are exceptionally smart or bright, I simply lose interest... and sexual interest as well.

Yes, I'm very picky. But that is my right as a man.

So... in light of my general frustration with the dating scene, I decided to give the Internet personals a shot. I thought it would be nice to search for a PERSONALITY I was attracted to and then see if I liked the person behind it.

I've started some very strong virtual relationships with a few "personalities" out there which I really, really liked only to find out that...

My Approach Was All Wrong

I mean, think about it for a second...

You're building this incredible connection with a woman over a very long period of time (sometimes a few months), only to have reality crash-landing into your face the first time you meet her. Can you think of any worse way than that to waste your time?

Sure, we all want to avoid the shallow "looks is everything" approach. Heck, we want GIRLS to do that all the time. But my recent experience led me to ask myself the following question:

Is it really possible for me to start a relationship with someone I am not physically attracted to?

My answer was a BIG NO.

Physical attraction is not everything in a relationship but it is vital and there's no point denying it, however "shallow" it might seem.

A Better Way of Doing Things

So, what I'm doing now is trying to take the relationships OFFLINE as soon as possible. A typical scenario for me is this:

  1. I reply to an ad or get a reply to mine (it happens guys!)
  2. We exchange an email or two (no more) and I try to use these emails to judge her personality. You can learn a lot from the way she writes, the type of humor she's using, the type of questions she's asking, and so on and so forth.
  3. I try to get her to send me a picture and I send mine.
  4. I try to get her phone number.
  5. I try to get her on a casual date.

The time frame for all this: two weeks max!

If I get a picture and I don't like it, I tell her. It is not going to destroy her. If I like her picture or if she doesn't want to send me one I will try to get her phone number. If I can't get the digits by the end of the second week, I usually write a very polite email telling her that I am NOT interested in finding pen-pals or other platonic relationships. And if this doesn't do the trick, I simply stop all communications and count it as her loss.

You see, in my opinion, it is so much better to find out more about the woman when you can actually see her expressing herself. Some women (and men) out there are very talented in writing emails but have absolutely no social skills. For me, this is a HUGE turn-off and the only way I can find out if I really like someone is by watching her talk and listening to her voice.

Now, believe it or not, this approach has worked wonders for me.

During the past month I went on so many dates I lost count. Sure, some of them were lemons, but remember that I am only looking for one... and I think I've found her.