How to Use Visualization and Mental Rehearsal to Become Amazing with Girls

by Thiago Brazil

I use visualization for every important aspect of life.

You can use this brain tool for practicing, while there is no girl around, or when you can't talk to any chick, like traveling alone or while showering, etc...

Imagine the scene: you, the girl, the place.

Try to feel all the 5 senses — vision, smell, touch, sounds, taste.

Imagine you are talking to the girl and she is really into you. What do you say? What does she say? How does she look? What is the taste of the drink? What is the music on the background? Imagine...

Another tip: while you are driving, and see the girls on the sidewalk, imagine what you would say to them, how you would start a conversation. Pay attention to the details, like some bag she is carrying, the clothes she wears, what direction she is going. And from that, visualize or imagine yourself talking to her.

Do it with any woman you see but "cannot" approach.

Perfection comes from practice, either real or imagined.

Using your imagination properly can be more important than knowledge.