How Women Judge Men

Do Women Think You Are Worthless?

by Robert Jordon

Picture this for a moment...

You're in the market for a new car. You visit two separate car dealerships.

The first sales person comes at you, desperate to sell a car to you. Every time he makes an offer and you hesitate, he quickly lowers the price just to please you.

Then you visit the second dealership, and the sales person appears very elegant and talks in a slow calm manner. He makes you an offer, and whether you accept his offer or not, he still maintains his pride. He doesn't lower his price drastically. And as you think about the offer he has made, he says the following:

"This is a fine car. You get what you pay for. If you would like to pay the asking price, you can either take it, or leave it. Someone else will surely purchase this car."

Now imagine that you have an opportunity to get both of these cars for free. Which one would you purchase?

The second deal of course.

It automatically is perceived as being more valuable because the salesman made it look like his car was in demand, and that it was worth having. While the first salesman seemed desperate. He made it seem as no one else wanted the car in the first place, so he would take what he could get for it.

Well this is exactly how women judge a man.

If he seems desperate (by calling all the time, or harassing her for a date), he is worthless.

Versus the man who maintains his dignity and pride. He is always perceived as being valuable. This turns her on and can give the average looking guy a huge advantage over a very good looking guy.

Try it. It works.