Learn to Trust Your Instincts with Women

by Sixamrunner

In my life, I allowed many girls to slip through my fingers before I developed enough confidence to face the opposite sex one-on-one.

(On the lighter side, I can tell you there are certain relationships I eventually regretted initiating.)

One thing I learned is to trust my instincts. I often found after reflecting back, sometimes years later, on situations or conversations that made me think, "Hmmm... Does this mean she likes me?" the answer was always a resounding...

"Yes, you moron! She did like you! Too bad you can't do anything about it now because she... (check all that apply) got married/moved away and disappeared/got a job in another country/joined a convent/became a lesbian."

Time waits for no man, not even a man in love.

The lesson here being, "learn to trust your instincts."

If you think she likes you, she does. Act like she does. Talk to her as if it is a foregone conclusion that she likes you. Trust me on this... It's a lot easier to talk to a girl if you're sure she's interested than if there's a big doubt in your mind.

She likes you! She wants you to talk to her!

So... How do you get things started again?

Keep it simple, be honest and direct. Call her on the phone. After the initial, "Hi... It's me... How ya' doin'?," get right to the point. I'll even tell you what to say.

YOU: Listen, there's a reason I'm calling you... (Pause here... you want to peak her curiosity and make her ask a question, so be sure to wait until she asks).

HER: Oh?... What's that?

YOU: Well, back when we were in school together, I had a little crush on you... (Important! - DO NOT use the word "LOVE." You will scare her away. "Little crush" is perfect for this occasion. She'll love it.) ... and I was just thinking, it's too bad I never asked you out. But I'll tell you what... a) there's this movie I want to see this weekend, b) I've got tickets to this concert, c) You get the idea.

Whatever you tell her, have a specific activity in mind before you call, and DO NOT allow yourself to say anything that even vaguely resembles, "Well I dunno... wha'da' you wanna' do?"... and then finish with something like... "and I think it would be nice if we went there together."

From here, you're on your own.

Just remember... trust your instincts. This girl likes you. She'll agree to anything you ask, as long as you keep your requests reasonable.