Love the Way You Want It

Take Control of Your Relationships and Protect Your Heart

by Anti-Dump

You only get one heart.

One to a customer.

But you keep treating your heart like an enemy instead of a friend. Would you let a friend get hurt time and time again without protecting your friend?

I think not.

So why do you keep leaving yourself wide open, and leave your heart to take all the blows?

It's sad that we spend years and years doing this to ourselves. Love is not like a courtroom. Women are all guilty of NON-interest until they PROVE their interest by showing CONSISTENTLY good behavior.

Otherwise you do not connect.

  • No excuses.
  • No cancellations.
  • No run-arounds.
  • No "I'm not ready for a relationship."
  • No "Give me time."

Love the way you want it or they must be weeded out.

Love the way YOU want it. Sounds great huh? Get used to it Don Juan.

Grow a backbone TODAY.

  • It's NO to bringing a friend along on the date.
  • It's NO to rude behavior.
  • It's NO to "I have to check my schedule."
  • It's NO to "Give me your number."

You lead, they must follow. For a few months. Then you can get "mutual" if you choose. That's "IF" you choose.

Protect the only part of your body that loves you: