Men Take Full Responsibility for Their Relationships

Man Up! — And Stop Blaming Women

by Tom Cruise

I take full responsibility for all my relationships. I'm too much of a man to blame the women.

  • If she blows me off — it's because I did something wrong, as in failing to convince her that I'm a guy she'd like to have around.
  • If some woman is rude to me as I'm hitting on her — it's probably that I didn't get the hint that she isn't interested in me.
  • If some girlfriend goes psycho on me — it's probably because I ignored the signs that she was a fruitcake.

Learn the Bill Clinton lesson: you can shift the blame onto anyone you want. If you put the blame on women, you just might end up hating women. If you take the blame yourself, you might just take the initiative to get things going right.

Head games only suck when you don't know how to play.

Have you ever had a relationship with no games?


It's like watching a football game when both sides know what the other side is going to do, and you know what each side is going to do. Remove the "game" from the game and you have almost nothing. It's like watching a video tape of the Superbowl the day after watching the Superbowl.

What's the fun?