My Night Out with 9 Girls

Girls' Night Out — A Mystery No More

by Krynnster

Everybody's heard about it. Many are still wondering what it really is. Only a few get to experience it first hand. Girls' night out: a mystery no more.

This is K, reporting from the field...

Wednesday night, my flight home is canceled due to bad weather and I am stuck in NYC's infamous JFK airport. One of my company's caring administrative assistants is on the case, arranging for a Towncar to take me back to Westchester county. "The driver will drop you off at a restaurant in White Plains where a few of us girls are meeting for dinner" she tells me on my cell phone. "I will set you up in a hotel and one of us will take you there after dinner."

About an hour and a half later I arrive at the restaurant. The girls from my company, about 9 of them, are there. Empty bottles of beer and half-full glasses of wine litter the table. Yes, they are loaded. Not completely drunk but loaded nevertheless.

Tonight is "ladies night" at the restaurant and as I look around the place I notice that I am almost the only guy present there. Imagine the picture, almost out of a wet dream, only the girls happen to be fully clothed.

"Goddammit" I think to myself, "I'm stuck in a girls' night out. There goes my sex appeal along with my chances to ever 'get it on' with any them...." Then I change my attitude: "Oh well... as I'm already screwed up anyway, I'd better make the most of the situation and take notes."

So I Sit There and Listen Very Carefully

The girls are toasted and loud. They talk about guys and they talk about sex. Yes, there's a lot of sex talk going on. One is talking about a vibrator she has recently purchased: "It rotates like that" she says making spiral movements with her right index finger. "If your boyfriend can do this you are one very lucky girl!" she says to the girl sitting next to her. They all giggle. I'm just sitting there quiet as a fish. Taking notes...

Another girl starts talking about her broken engagement. She ran away from her fiancé and now has a hard time coping with her decision. "What you need right now is a good one-night stand!" says vibrator girl and gestures towards me. Immediately, everybody is looking at me: pairs of blue eyes, brown eyes, single eyes, married eyes. Giggles again. I smile and try as hard as I can to disappear. It doesn't work.

And so it goes on and on. More beer, more wine, more sex talk. Who did what with whom. Who cheated on whom. Who likes it that way or the other. I don't remember a single time when I was out with the guys and we got that graphic. These girls know what they want, how much they want it, and they don't fu*king care that I'm sitting right there and listening to every word!

Have I become "one of the girls"? I don't know and to tell you the truth, I don't really care. Most of these girls are not on my "hot list" anyway and I've learned a lot from this experience.

One thing I'm absolutely sure of: I will never do it again!

Still shaking...