My Simple System for Success With Women

It Works Better Than Anything Else I Have Tried

by MrSassyPants

My system is simple...

I am an average looking guy that has above average success. My method is simple... I go out with a group of friends that are outgoing and hit on women constantly.

They get drunk and talk to women, doing everything that they can to impress them. Meanwhile, I am very pleasant, speaking mostly to my friends, but being nice to everyone. I let it be known (non-verbally) that I am not desperate, not interested, and just there to hang out with friends.

I don't act arrogant. I don't act aloof. If a girl says something funny, I laugh... but I don't really question them about what they like, what they do. Just average conversation.

At some point (though never right away) a girl will say something like "I just came back from India." At this point I act as though she has fascinated me. I ask questions about whatever she said. (It has to be potentially genuinely interesting... maybe not to me... but I can't look fake.)

I progress and allow her to prove to me that she is interesting and fascinating. I have already proven to be confident and not desperate. It looks to the girl like I'm an intriguing and interesting man that is not out looking desperately for women.

In my experience, this technique works much better than others I have tried.

It's similar to fishing. You look completely uninterested... until you have the fish on the hook. The only difference is that with my method the fish want to jump in the boat to show you how tasty they are.

I don't think this is a particularly unique strategy, but it is unique in practice, particularly since it works over one night... which is usually my plan.