Never Ask a Woman to Become Exclusive

by Anti-Dump

Becoming exclusive with a woman means the both of you talk about not dating or seeing anyone else. The dating with others comes to an end.

Never ask a woman to become exclusive. She must ask YOU. She must talk about it FIRST.


If a woman hasn't asked you yet, it means she is still open to seeing others. She still has DOUBTS about you. Highly interested women don't want you going out with other women.

A woman asking for exclusivity is like a "marriage proposal." She is cementing and laying the foundation for true intimacy. She wants something that's lasting. It is the ULTIMATE test of interest, guys. She is "proposing."

If you ask first, you will never know her true interest level.

  • Why didn't she bring it up?
  • How come she is still letting you see others?
  • Why isn't she CLOSING her options?
  • Is she seeing someone else?

Think about it.