No Phone Number — No Relationship

Always Be Ready to Close for the Number

by Anti-Dump

Don't go anywhere without a pencil and paper in your pocket at all times.

When you're talking to a woman that's just right for you, ask her, "What's your number?" And you will always be ready to write it down.

NEVER leave a number to CHANCE by a pen and paper not being available. Besides, you will look silly to go off hunting for one while she stands there.

Imagine trying to find a pen and paper in an amusement park!

You can even put a pencil in your swim suit pocket. It will always write. But get water proof paper!

Buy a box of new #2 pencils and cut them down like miniature golf pencils.

Then put a few post-it notes in your wallet.

Now you're ready to get a number ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME. Even at three o'clock in the morning.

Remember: No number, no relationship.