Project Confidence By the Way You Walk

Strut Like a King and the Girls Will Notice

by The TrimReaper

This post is a revelation for me.

I tore my ankle ligament in a Volleyball competition 8 years ago. Some dude came under the net, and I landed on his foot. My ligament sounded like a wet towel was ripping. The tear was massive. It was so bad, the ligament released and went up close to my calf. I had to wear a cast for 8 months.

After they took my cast off, everything was out of wack — my posture, my walk, my muscles (atrophy).

Since my ankle still hurt, I walked with a limp. The funny thing is, as I got a little better, girls thought I was strutting.

A girl who was just a friend just came out to me and said, "Trim, you must think you're the sh*t, because every time I see you, you are strutting around like you are a freakin king."

I wasn't purposely strutting. I was trying to move as fast as I could without crying like a baby from the pain! Now you might think that I looked like a John Travolta-Jack-Ass! The thing is, I probably did and I didn't care because I was hurtin'!

But I got so much play, guys. The strut advertises.

So here's the revelation:

I'm 30 now. Well submerged into the business world. It wouldn't look quite right to strut into the office with my suit on now would it? So for the past few years, I have unconsciously developed the business walk. Boring!

Plus, how are women going to know I'm an available stud since I'm not physically advertising?

Emotion is created by motion. Therefore, if you strut about like you're the baddest mufugga around, you are going to start feeling that way. How's that for a confidence booster.

Now, I'm going back to strutting. I want to advertise my goods. You should, too.