Seek Happiness Instead of Love

by Nine Breaker

This one goes out to any of you that are really, really intent on finding a woman to love you as much as you'd love her — and I'd bet a small fortune that there are a fair few of you out there.

Firstly, it's not exactly a bad thing that you're looking for love. After all, love is meant to be the most powerful of any emotion humans experience. It's the source of some of our finest moments, and some of our darkest hours. The feelings of contentment, trust, sheer happiness and the rest of them aren't emotions that too many people would prefer to miss out on.

But love is how Average Frustrated Chumps (AFCs) are born.

Guys that are intent on looking for love run a pretty high risk of losing sight of what really matters in life, and instead turn to finding that one special woman as the center of their existence — the very reason for their being.

This is why any successful Don Juan will tell you time and time again to find things that will improve your mind and body, to find a hobby or something you can create, achieve and enjoy. You should know that you have to do anything and EVERYTHING in your own power to maximize the happiness in your life.

It's a documented fact that in the US, more than 50% of all marriages fail. It's no secret that many of those failed marriages occurred because the couples were more intent on finding love with someone, anyone, than risk never finding love at all.

Love is, without doubt, a great thing to behold. But don't make the mistake of thinking love cannot fail — because it very well can.

But where love fails, the good times and achievements of your life will always be something that nobody else can take from you — and will lead you to a truly successful life, which WILL help you find what you seek.