Set Daily Goals with Women

Push Yourself to the Edge — Meet, Date, and Attract More Women

by Inspector Clouseau

Everyone needs a push, and people who push themselves do better than those who don't.

Possibly the easiest way to push yourself is set goals and relentlessly pursue them. You need to set daily goals to motivate you into action.

Instead of just going out on the hunt with the mindset "Oh let's just see what's out there," challenge yourself. Whenever you go on the hunt, set yourself a number. How many women do you want to approach? You will do much better setting yourself goals than "winging" it.

Push the envelope. Go beyond your comfort level. Push yourself to the edge.

Start out with a small number. Say, one a day. How hard can that be? Out of the numerous hours in the day you'd only have to approach one woman.

At first it will be hard. But in time it'll come easier. And just as you approach comfort with one a day, push up that number. If you consistently exceed a day's quota of women, don't let that hinder you. Push up that number!

Every day when you wake up, or at night thinking about tomorrow, set yourself goals for that day.

Say you're in college and have three classes on a particular day, set yourself a goal to flirt with four women — one in each class, plus one stranger.

Once you somewhat master the daily goal, start giving yourself a hourly goal. And, in time, the question won't be how many women will you approach, but how many phone numbers will you acquire, how many ask outs will you perform.

It's a great idea to set yourself a yearly goal, and figure out how many women per week, per day you'd have to approach to meet your goal. Set yourself secondary goals. Say your yearly goal is a low 100 women, set your bonus goal at 200 or 250, or higher!

Again, push yourself.

If you don't, no one will.