49 Great Dating Ideas

by DonMaximus

Here is my list of great dating ideas:

  1. Do you like to cook? Cook for her.
  2. Rent a video from Blockbuster.
  3. Take a walk at the park or beach.
  4. Volunteer at a shelter for the homeless, or an orphanage.
  5. Go fishing at the pier.
  6. Go hiking in the boonies.
  7. Rollerblading or Biking.
  8. Breakfast. Brunch. Lunch. Dinner.
  9. Movies (only after 2nd date) or live concert or performing arts.
  10. Go to museums.
  11. Disneyland, Magic Mountain, Universal Studio, Knott Berry Farm, etc...
  12. Skiing, boat ride.
  13. Dinner cruises.
  14. Go for a drink at a pub.
  15. Dancing/clubbing.
  16. Karaoke/singing.
  17. Coffee houses, or tea.
  18. Watch the sundown/sunup, look at the stars and moon.
  19. Carriage ride.
  20. Limo cruise out in the town.
  21. Balloon ride over the blue yonder.
  22. A good chat.
  23. Window shopping or shopping at the mall.
  24. Massage parlor.
  25. Go to a friend's party.
  26. Any circus in town. Ringling Brothers.
  27. Watch for festivals like: Jazz, Chili, Reggae, international dance festivals.
  28. Go to swap meets.
  29. Like animals? Go to the zoo or SeaWorld.
  30. Baseball, Football, Basketball or any sporting events.
  31. Watch fireworks.
  32. Go-carts.
  33. Miniature golfing.
  34. Kayaking.
  35. Go to the border to eat lobsters.
  36. Watch race car drivers or monster truck shows.
  37. Wrestling, or is it too hard for you?
  38. How about gambling? Go to casinos.
  39. Batting cages.
  40. Del Mar fairground.
  41. Horse back riding.
  42. Wine tasting at Vineyard.
  43. Did I say sailing yet?
  44. Go to the mountains when it snows.
  45. Day at the country to pick fruits.
  46. Picnic at the park or wherever scenic.
  47. Go to botanical gardens; see flowers.
  48. Like arcades? Go to Nickel City.
  49. Yoga/Meditation.

I hope this helps!

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