The Successful Clubbing Mindset

How to Meet and Pick Up Women In Bars and Clubs

by Big Don

No matter what club or bar I go to, they're always there: dudes who show up and stand around. I'll bet that every night these guys go out, their goal is the same:

"Tonight," they tell themselves, "I'm gonna meet someone."

A great plan, but what these guys haven't figured out is that no matter how good-looking you are, no woman is EVER going to pick you up.

Sure, there are exceptions, but generally speaking, not gonna happen. I can share with you that I have never been picked up, and I am a good-looking guy with a helluva lot of stroke going on. But that's the way it is — you deal with it.

And let's face it — wouldn't you rather be the one doing the picking up anyway?

Women wish they had it so good. We have the POWER to go and hit on ANY woman we want. Women, on the other hand, have to wait, sometimes all night, for a guy to come by and show interest.

And if we get shot down — BIG DEAL! We can move on and find someone else just as easy. It's a beautiful thing!

This is the attitude to instill in yourself when you go out this weekend.

You are doing these women a FAVOR by giving them your attention. And you can pull out at a moment's notice if you aren't happy about it. Don't tolerate any disrespect. They have to impress you and demonstrate that they are worth your time getting to know.

So when you go out looking for the hotties this weekend like I am, keep this attitude in mind. Don't be one of those guys who stands around the dance floor waiting for a woman to throw themselves at them — he'll be waiting a long time.

And that's good for guys like you and I who have the guts to see something we like and do something about it.

Big Don says that you gotta advertise — show that you are in the market, but that you are not an impulse buyer.

But if the price is right...