Talking to Women — 2 Big Tips to Make It Simple

by Zap

There are two things that matter when talking to women.

The first is to ask questions.

Ask questions about her, about the things she says, etc. Her answers will almost always give off clues for things for you to ask in your next question. Make sure they are open ended questions, and if it's someone you don't know very well try not to get into debates or ask anything controversial.

Throw in an occasional "me too" and "uh huh" and you're all set. It IS important to listen, though. She'll know if you're listening, and if you are listening you'll score big points.

The second thing is to realize and always remember that women talk about FEELINGS most of the time, while guys tend to talk about thoughts.

Notice when she talks about feelings, and talk about these feelings too. You can also try "paraphrasing" what she says by going through the story again, and adding what you think she was probably feeling.

And don't try to offer advice, and don't get thoughts confused in it when she's talking about her feelings.

But of course, just enjoy yourself.

Once you do it you'll see how easy it is to keep most girls talking. So you'll stop being nervous and you can focus on listening and having fun.