The Art of Being a Gentleman with Women

Figure Out What Kind of Woman You Have on Your Hands

by Krynnster

There's NOTHING wrong with being a gentleman... but don't force it.

Flowers on a first date?

A big NO NO!

Flowers to her office after you've been dating for a while?

A big YES YES!

Opening doors, car doors, helping her get seated in a restaurant?

Sure, if it feels right.

What I mean by "feels right" is that you shouldn't race her to the restaurant door or to the car door just to be able to open it for her.

Here's a tip for you:

Women who expect you to behave like a gentleman will give you plenty of opportunities to do so.

They will let you get to that door first, will be very quiet when the server comes to your table, and... yes... will also be very quiet when the check arrives.

So just figure out what type of woman is on your hands and act accordingly.

It's not that complicated.