The Best and Most Fun Way to Meet Women

by Blacksun

I'm living in a big city in Germany. I don't know how it is in other regions and countries, but let me tell you about my experiences.

In my opinion, the ultimate place to learn confidence, talking to girls, handling girls, communication skills, kino, and most of the strategies and skills you discuss here are dancing schools.

They are the best way to get to know a lot of girls. I know at least 150 girls from there.

It's an excellent place to learn easily how to talk to girls (not as loud as a disco), without wanting sex from each of them. Additionally you learn to dance (rumba, samba, tango, waltz, foxtrot, jive) with girls, and you learn to present yourself on the dance floor. And it's a lot of fun.

You even burn hundreds of calories.

To avoid misunderstandings: I don't speak of "dance" as that sort of jumping around alone in a club. I speak of that sort of ballroom dancing, where you always dance with a girl (and you even have to touch her).

Another advantage: there are always more girls than boys (at least in Germany), so that I even get paid (not money but discounts, tickets for parties and balls) for dancing with girls. And you can choose with which to dance.

At our dancing school, there are not only the dancing courses, but a regular party on weekends, which is for me always a lot of fun (better than a club).

Especially for those who are shy or don't have enough self-confidence – try it!

It was one of the best things that I have done in the last year, when I decided to go to a dancing school. I can recommend it to everyone.

Additionally you learn to dance, which is another good skill.