The Best Way to Get a Woman's Phone Number

by SexPDX

My new M.O. is to be more focused on ATTRACTING girls rather than PURSUING them.

With respect to getting the number, I suggest you try to focus on the part of your performance that fascinates them about you, and when you are ready to number close, make some subtle hint about seeing them again.

If you have performed well and have attracted her, she will offer you her number.

The time to get her interested is NOT when you call her; it is before you get the number. If you are able to interest her to the point where she OFFERS the number, then it is likely that she will be anticipating seeing you again because she has made an investment in you.

If you ASK for the number you may well get it, but you may also be putting yourself more so in the role of a guy PURSUING her than may be necessary.

Make Her Chase You!

The idea is to get her to pursue you — thinking that it was HER idea to see you again, when the reality is that her desire to do so was the product of your seduction.

Also, if it is HER IDEA to get together again, you can justify compressing the time frame (calling her sooner) depending of course on how interested she really is.

Try it. It will make you think about your skills.