The Logic of Attraction

Evolution, the Apocalypse, and Survival Attraction Is Logical

by Timerare2

I've read many times, from gurus and other guys, "Attraction is not logical" and other observations to that effect.

I *beg* to differ.

Attraction makes PERFECT sense — when you look at it in the right way.

The first realization you must make is that we are living in a highly artificial environment. The modern world is not the world in which humans evolved to live.

Furthermore, all great societies rise and fall, and eventually, the world will take a huge technological leap BACKWARDS.... this is a trend in history, empires rise and fall.

As members of society, we realize that eventually, this society WILL come to an end. The world will be a much more difficult place to live, afterwards.

In our art and our folk-lore, the end of our society is represented as the "apocalypse." I don't mean in the biblical sense, I just mean in the sense of a catastrophic, compounding, breakdown of modern society.

I don't know how it will happen, when it will happen, or even why it has to happen. I only know, that it WILL happen.

And girls/women do too. It's just a sub-conscious realization. So, when a girl looks at you, she isn't asking herself, "How successful is this man in modern society?"

She is asking herself...

How Well Is This Man Going to Do, AFTER the Apocalypse?

And more importantly, "How well are this man's descendants going to do after the apocalypse?"

She wants to know, not whether or not you can survive and prosper in today's society, but whether you can survive, and prosper, under the most extreme of conditions.

The "Adventurer" -- he is attractive. Why?

Because he has DEMONSTRATED his ability to survive under extreme conditions.

The very charismatic man will be a good deal maker — today, and AFTER the apocalypse.

Osama Bin Laden. Look at the man. He would be the MARVEL of the post-apocalyptic world. And you'd be surprised to discover that a lot of women do say, "Well, don't take this the wrong way, but there is something sexy about him."

Now, after I realized this, I started looking around at the men that I know who are particularly successful with women. And I realized that they would all THRIVE after the apocalypse. Other men whom I thought might have a fighting chance... they do alright. The men who are hopeless... they don't have any luck with women.

  • Rugged
  • Adventurous
  • Charismatic
  • Cunning
  • Quick
  • Strong
  • Able
  • Capable
  • Powerful

This man will do well after the apocalypse.

Computer Expert, shy, few friends, 160 pounds, makes $150,000 a year at Microsoft. He is THRIVING (in many respects) in today's artificial environment, but how's he going to do after the apocalypse?

Not very well.

Just a handful of thoughts. Attraction makes perfect sense.

We just aren't used to looking at it the right way.

How Can We Use This to Our Advantage?

We can demonstrate an ability to survive independently, while, at the same time demonstrating a willingness to enter into social contracts and partnerships of mutual benefit.

We can demonstrate physical rigor and ability, by engaging in adventurous and physically taxing activities. We can demonstrate a willingness to walk away from a deal if we aren't liking what is happening... a willingness to complain and fight for what we think is fair. To bicker over minor technicalities (not too minor though) and haggle successfully over prices.

An ability to make friends and form successful partnerships is good. An entrepreneurial spirit and some initiative never hurt anyone.

Question: What do you like to do?

Bad Answer: Sit at home and watch television. Go to movies.

Good Answer: I like to go on 25 mile hikes through the wilderness, naked, alone, on the coldest night of the year.

Alright, a little more. I'm sure you've had enough already, but...

Decide and Act!

There is an aspect of human personality which is difficult to quantify. It is the time lapse between when you have a thought, and when you act on that thought. For example, maybe you think "I should get a new job."

I hypothesize that the LESS time it takes you, from the moment you are sure about the decision to the moment you act, the more attractive a woman is going to perceive you to be.

She says: Shelly quit today at work.

You say: (Blah blah blah). Speaking of that, I was thinking of going out and getting a new job. (As you get up and put your coat on.)

She says: Where are you going?

You: I just told you I was thinking about getting a new job.

She: Now?

You: What better time?

That's better than sitting around for twenty years bitching about how much your job sucks (and I'm not exaggerating, those are realistic extremes... the man who waits 10 seconds and the man who waits 20 years both are friends of mine).