The Power of a Sense of Humor In Attracting Women

Are You Smiling, Laughing, and Having Fun?

by Galactus

A serious post about not being serious.

1975: Galactus sits in the school hallway. During a spelling test, the teacher said the word, "dairy". Galactus said, "How do you spell that?" The teacher then spelled the word as the students wrote it down, laughing. The teacher apparently believed it was Galactus's fault he was an idiot.

1986: Airman First Class Galactus is spending the weekend scrubbing his squadron building from end to end. Galactus put a humorous personal greeting to his coworkers in the base newspaper, and his commanding officer, humorless Colonel Moron, was not amused.

2002: Galactus is reprimanded on the job. On the feature board where customers can see, Galactus drew a picture of a pregnant manager holding a baby that looked like the creature from "Alien". Another manager sent Galactus home, having warned him many times not to have a sense of humor. Ironically, the pregnant manager would have thought it was funny.

So there you have it. As Steve Martin said, comedy is not pretty. Whether you say it, write it, or draw it.

That's not the lesson, though. That's the lesson the a$$holes of the world want you to learn. And unfortunately, I did learn it for a time.

For awhile there, I thought I had been foolish as a child to think the world was funny. I had gotten tired of trying to brighten up the days of others, when it was their intention to be as miserable as humanly possible.

Then one day there was a major incident in my life, which took away every last shred of humor I had in me. There was no longer a single thing in my life worth laughing about.

For years, humor was replaced by anger and fear and sadness. It really hit me how much I had changed when my sister asked me what happened to the most fun-loving member of her family. She showed me old pictures of me acting stupid and having a good time, and then I began to wonder myself.

So I decided that all the good I had been trying to do for myself meant nothing if I couldn't find anything to smile about. What's the value of anything if it doesn't bring you happiness?

I started to come out of my shell after that. I began smiling more, and making more friends. I started cracking jokes again, and learning to have a good time in spite of those who were determined not to. I became me again.

I still have little bouts of depression from time to time. It runs in my family. But it's not too serious. I cure it by laughter, the best medicine.

The Power of a Sense of Humor In Attracting Women

I've recently discovered the power of a sense of humor in helping score with women.

I used to think, well, how can I be funny? I'm nervous as hell. I get up there, and I can barely speak, let alone crack a joke.

When you get in an elevated mood, that's the best time to approach a chick. You're not in the mood to let a rejection bother you, so you don't think about it. Humor works so well, because nothing shows her better how confident you are.

The better your mood, the less you're gonna care if she likes you. If she doesn't, blow her off and go to the next chick. If she does, she's gonna smile, you're gonna be at ease, and soon you'll have her laughing all the way to your bed. Just be sure she's not laughing when you're getting undressed.

Look for humor in everything. Everything.

Watch stand-up comics, but stay away from sitcoms, which are written by people who think things are funny because they saw it in another sitcom, which was written by people who think things are funny because... well, you get the idea.

Real comedians are geniuses. I say watch them because they can teach you how to observe the world and find the humor in it, just like they do.

Things that are funny:

Telephones, dogs, politicians, peanut butter, your friends, computers, shoes, dreams, terrorists, plants, money, holidays, sausage, fingernails, men, women, turnips. And there's more.

When you laugh, you don't destroy. Osama bin Laden — have you ever seen a guy who needed a Three Stooges marathon more?

Here's the tip, if you haven't figured it out already:

A sense of humor is essential in meeting women; it's essential for a meaningful life.

So get yourself one if you don't have one already.

Even if she doesn't laugh, you will, and that's the most important thing.