The Purpose of Touching Women - Kino

Why You Must Touch Women That You Are Interested In — Soon and Often!

by Pook

There is a single purpose for Kino — to show that you are a Sexual Being.

Light touching on the arms, shoulders, upper back, forces her to think sexually about you and gives her permission to touch you similarly or to up the ante. Girls LOVE Kino.

If you do not initiate Kino and wait for her to do it, you are Mr. Nice Guy. This is what Nice Guys do and why they lose. They are too 'nice' and think that touching a girl will 'scare' her or show that he is too interested (by touching her it tells her that you are interested in her sexually).

Failure to do this will land you right into the "Let's Just Be Friends" Zone. The girl will see you as a nice personality but sexually as a mannequin. Why? Because mannequins don't initiate Kino.

Even my 'nice guy' friends, when they started initiating Kino, had full relationships BLOSSOM practically overnight. Kino is that powerful.

You TEST the girl's interest by doing Kino and seeing how she responds.

Kino is the Ultimate Interest Test. You can tell if a girl is just 'playing', 'teasing', being a 'professional dater' or truly interested by how she responds to the Kino.

If she opens up her posture, mirrors your touch, etc. then she is interested and attracted to you SEXUALLY. (This is why Kino is said to be the first true step of the courtship ritual.)

If you WAIT for her to Kino first, you will:

  1. Spend more money and time taking her on dates waiting for her to initiate Kino (She's waiting for THE MAN to initiate it, just as you initiated the courtship by asking for her number.) and
  2. Eventually landing in "Friend" zone.

Failure to initiate Kino = Nice Guy