The Right Way to Grind with Girls In a Club

Don't Be a Buffoon. Here's the Right Way to Grind with and Meet Girls In a Packed Dance Club

by Deagleclaw

Last night I went out to try teachin' a buddy of mine some DJ skills.

Anyways, the club was absolutely packed with women cuz a Janet Jackson concert let out around 10:30. So there was not much room on the small dance floor which restricted women to dancing at their tables or between them.

Needless to say, I had my hands full very shortly. Here's a maneuver to use in this type of situation.

Walk up behind a girl who's dancing with her friend. Put your arm around her waist, put one leg in between hers and voila... you start grinding.

Important: Be smooth, as if you do this sort of thing ALL THE TIME. Women LOVE it.

They get a kick out of grinding with a total stranger. Half the time she won't even look at you, just her friend's reaction to you to gauge if she wants to continue or not. As long as you look like you're doing it for fun and not coming on strong, she'll continue to dance.

When the song is over simply thank her for the dance and walk away to find a new target. Guaranteed she'll be thinking about you all night as the guy she let slip away.

Do this to as many attractive women as you can find. By the end of the night you'll have women all over the bar thinkin' you are THE MAN. Other women will take notice of this as well. And as we all know, every woman wants what other women want.

Suddenly you become the sex icon of the bar and you've got your pick of who to chat up.

Important: never chat up a woman for too long. As soon as you feel a lull in the conversation coming on, like you both have nothing left to say, immediately pipe up with, "It's too loud to really talk in here. I'd like to continue our conversation though."

You can either proceed to try to take her home or you can simply tell her to write her phone number down for you.

The rest is up to you my friends.