The Secret of My Success With Women

by De La Soul

An apple tree has around 300 apples, each with 10 seeds. That's 3000 seeds. How many more apple trees will grow from these seeds? Only a few; certainly not 1500 (half), let alone 3000 (all).

What can we learn from this?

What nature is telling us is that "Most seeds never grow, or will never have a chance to grow. So if you want success you have to try more than once."

When applying this law to women, we realize that most times you approach a woman, you will get rejected. So walk away from that woman and move right on to the next.

Forget the elaborate seduction schemes and lay guides. Just approach:

  • with good grooming
  • solid eye contact
  • kino (touching)
  • a smile
  • no desperation (be willing to walk away)
  • and confidence.

That's the best you can do with an approach. If you get rejected, remember "The Law of the Seed."

Laws of nature are the same for everyone. So, just like gravity, this law applies to me, to you, and to the rest of the world. So why would you take a law of nature personally?

Did the Wright brothers say: "Why doesn't gravity like us?" when they were trying to build an airplane. Of course not, they just made the necessary adjustments and moved on to a different model.

So why take rejection personally? After all, it's just "The Law of the Seed" at work.

I consider myself successful with women. I am still a single guy (or consider myself single), but I can walk into a bar or club and come out with a few phone numbers or a girl on my arm. I can go out with friends and be the only one to approach the hot blond while the others sit there drooling (and often get jealous). And I have maintained a passionate relationship for the past 2 months.

How do I get this success?

Here Is My Secret

It's not as hard as the bitter guys of the world would have you believe. I've just done my best to apply the Don Juan principles (the hardest of which for me was kino, which isn't that hard when you get used to it) and applied "The Law of the Seed."

I've approached as many women as possible. I've been rejected a hell of a lot more than I've had success, but the rejections have given me confidence (I haven't taken them personally), and the success has been Oh-So-Good.

In order to taste success, you must first understand that you are more likely to taste failure. Failure breeds success. Accept this fact.

Then give yourself as many chances as possible to succeed.

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