I Discovered the Secret to Attracting Women

by Icepick

Do not worry about your problems with women at all.

Focus on maintaining a happy persona.

A girl that I work with is always ill-mannered. It makes her very unattractive. I always thought of her as an uglo, until one day when she was very happy and I noticed that she was kind of cute.

When I was in my best moods, I attracted the most women.

When I was looking for validation, I got rejected the hardest.

When I was the most arrogant, people started to put me down the most.

When I tried to act like the smartest, I said the dumbest things.

The times when the most good things happened to me, were the times when I was in a good mood to begin with.

The times when the worst things happened to me, were the times when I was in a poor mood.

What does this mean?

You Must Make Your Own Happiness

From that, all else will fall into place.

If you depend on the world to do it for you, the happiness you have will be taken away.

Many of these tips and philosophies try to show you how to fake happiness and contentment. For example...

* Display Confidence

Why not already be content with your life and where you are headed? Then, you have nothing to really worry about, and you are naturally confident.

* Smile and Make Eye Contact

What reason do you have to NOT smile and look in the eyes of a person you find attractive? That is where you want to look isn't it?

* Don't Supplicate

Why do you need to do ANYTHING for this person? Don't you do everything for yourself? Why deny them the same independence?

* Be Cocky and Funny

Why would you be into self deprecating humor? Why wouldn't you be humorous? After all you are in a happy mood.

* Be Dominant

Don't you have any idea what you want to do? Why wouldn't you step up and voice your opinion? Why step aside and let someone else control the situation? Don't you think you are worthy enough?

Of course, you can do all these things by puffing up your ego, but then (when you get rejected hard) you will realize that it is not the way to go. You must grow up:

  • away with the ego
  • away with the insecurities
  • away with the over-analysis
  • away with the haughtiness
  • away with the arrogance
  • away with the rationalization

Let not your cocky and funny attitude come from the thought of "all chicks want me." Let not your dominance come from "I am better then everyone else." Let not your confidence come from "she failed to recognize quality." Be a real man and take things as they are.

Don't try to impress people. Don't try to seduce chicks. Don't try to stay strong, dominant, confident, etc.

Just try to stay happy, and all else will follow.