The Value of Experience with Women

by Nine Breaker

Guys seem to think that approaching women is all about winning or losing.

Either you will get the girl interested in you and get a date/girlfriend/sex (win) or you will be rejected and embarrassed (lose).

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Winning and losing don't even factor into it.

It is all about one thing — EXPERIENCE.

At the start, most potential Don Juans will be rejected at one stage or another. This is not to be seen as losing. What this experience is doing is teaching you the error of your ways, the mistakes you've made, and how to IMPROVE your methods.

No amount of reading from this site (as great as it is) can prepare you for the reality of real life.

It all sounds simple enough in print... but in person it can be a whole new game. You have to learn from your mistakes, and the mistakes of others, if you hope to shed your wimpy ways and improve your abilities to that of a truly great Don Juan.

Eventually, a potential Don Juan will see how things really work, and begin to start winning with women. This isn't really an accurate way of seeing it either, although winning women over is always something fun to boast about to your mates. It, again, is a form of experience.

Even if you "win", the game is far from over. You still have to hold onto this woman and keep her interested in you. If you're one of those guys who is only after a sex buddy or two, you still have to work hard to learn ways to enjoy it better (for you and her), and keep her coming back for more.

So when you're on the approach next time, keep in mind that regardless of what happens, you will not win or lose.

You will gain experience which will help you hone your skills, and this experience will be invaluable to you in the future.