Using Lip Service and Lip Reading to Meet Girls

by Pimpologist

Lip service is communicating solely through lip movements without sound, aka lip reading.

The lip service tactic can be put to use in a variety of settings either while you or her are stationary or in motion.

The Method:

After you make eye contact and come to a full smile, immediately say the word "hello" without actually sounding it out. Accompany it with a slight tongue flip exaggeration while rolling the l's and then go back into smiling until the next step.

It doesn't matter if they smile back or not when you smiled. If they didn't smile, they were probably about to but your lip movements caught their attention and their focus shifted towards reading your lips.

What will happen from this point on is that she will either reciprocate the lip service by saying hi or hello, smile, or just keep looking at you. Either way, you've gotten her intrigued and now you're ready to drop another line of lip service on her.

The next thing you should say is "what's your name?" Again, slightly exaggerate the lip movements to make it easier for her to read them. If she gives you a puzzled expression or says "what", then repeat yourself.

If she gives you another puzzled expression or she says her name, then you can do one of two things.

  1. You can say something like "wait, hold on" while slightly raising your arm to give an open hand gesture with palm facing her and make your way over there.
  2. You can say something like "come over here" while waving for her to come over.

In situations where there is something going on and you two are unable to move, for instance you two are in a class during a lecture, just say "after class" and use a slight hand gesture to emphasize it or point to the door and say something like "meet me after class".

Now there will also be girls that only give short eye contact or check you out while you're not looking but will break eye contact before you're able to get your smile off after you catch them looking. These girls are either shy, afraid of you breaking eye contact before them, or are simply not interested.

If they don't glance back at you, then they're not interested. If they do glance back, immediately execute the lip service tactic without having first smiled just in case she breaks eye contact prematurely. However, make sure you go into a smile after saying "hello" and continue from there.

Another problem you might encounter after saying "hello" is that they get shy and look away. The remedy for this situation is to drop your second line of lip service immediately after the greeting. The process is:

  1. say "hello"
  2. go into a smile for a quick half-second
  3. say "what's your name?"

In addition to college classes and around campus, some other places of common use of this tactic are malls, cafes, restaurants, stores, gyms, clubs, bars, and parties.


This tactic is like an approach from afar that not only gauges her interest level but also "invites" you or her to actually approach. It "invites" an actual approach because both parties will be clearly aware of and expecting it and there won't be any confusion of whether or not there is attraction between the two of you.