Watch Out for Undateable Women

Learn to Recognize and Dump Them — Fast!

by Anti-Dump

10% of the time you will meet an undateable woman.

This doesn't happen that often. But you should watch out for this kind of woman.

This is a woman who shows all kinds of interest in you. Calls you, does a lot of kino on you. Is very happy to see you, etc.

You know in your gut that she is not a friend and that you are definitely not in the friend zone. You just KNOW she thinks you are great and is highly interested.

But somehow she always has a VALID excuse for not giving you a date. A real live VALID reason.

She is genuinely busy. With her daughter and family. A flight to Florida for vacation. Or she is a doctor with an impossible schedule. Or she is involved in many social activities.

Or maybe she is like wicked shy. Or thinks you are just too good for her. But still she shows up and gives you a warm greeting.

But, like I said, you are not getting a date. Or the dating is irregular and random.

One more example. Her gym night is on Saturday night your favorite night to go out. So she asks for another night to date you. Remember, she really likes you and she is a '10'. But you don't want to go out on another night. Saturday night is 'date night' for most people so you are not in the wrong.

These women, although they have high interest, ARE UNDATEABLE.

Dump Them Early and Move On

It kills to drop them but you must. We men have never had it our way and it certainly is difficult to dump these kind of interested women.

But you have to have it YOUR WAY. Like Burger King. Hold the pickles and lettuce, Lady!

If you want to be happy you have to dump them early on. I mean like FAST.

If you like a crazy dating pattern more power to you. But don't hesitate to get rid of a woman like the above.

You are NOT being selfish.

It's your damn life and you will live it the way you, as a man, see fit. Right or wrong it's GOT to be YOUR WAY!

Because you will never be happy any way else.