When Is the Best Time to Ask a Woman Out?

by Pook

When women enter a new phase of life — a transition phase — is when they are most likely to obtain a new boyfriend (i.e. you).

These transition periods include:

  • Going to a new college
  • Getting a new job
  • Getting a new car
  • Moving to a new city or area
  • Moving into a new apartment
  • Quitting smoking
  • Quitting drinking
  • Etc.

Before, when a woman moved in, announced she bought a new car, or had some other significant POSITIVE change, I thought her life was full and that I should wait. WRONG!

When a woman enters a positive transition stage (and she will declare it) is the time to STRIKE.

So be not bashful in asking out the woman who just moved from another city. Be not hesitant in asking out the new girl at work. And be not reserved when a woman exclaims how wonderful things are going through her life!

Women, within their successful transitions, feel as if former problems, like dominoes, are collapsing in a chain in front of her. One of those problems is being single, and she will be more than ready to give you a chance.

Women in their ROUTINE will be LESS likely to give you a chance because dating interrupts the routine. She only sees the disruption, not the delight a Don Juan will bring to her life. When she is in the transition period, she sees not disruption but delight in almost everything.

Ask her out then, and she will see delight in you.