When She Is In Control, You're Screwed

The Dating Mistake I Always Make with Women


Since my introduction to this site in January, my game has experienced vast improvement. However, there's one mistake I always continue to make, even though I KNOW I'm making it, and it's frustrating!

Even if things are going well, DON'T GET TOO CLOSE TO A WOMAN ON THE FIRST FEW DATES!

Leave some mystery in it. Knowing less about you will make her more intrigued, more interested in seeing you more, to learn more.

If a first date is going well, I ALWAYS end up getting really deep with a woman and telling her personal stuff about myself, and we end up knowing each other inside and out by the end of the night.

What pisses me off is I KNOW that's a mistake, but something's stopping me from doing something about it.

Case in point. I met a woman a couple weeks ago, and I closed for the phone number successfully. I think I did everything right in our first conversation and in closing for the number. I met her on a Monday and waited til Friday afternoon to call. I was doing everything right, and her interest level was high. So I set up a date for Saturday, and that's where I begin to screw up...

She is really into me as I can tell, and she begins asking me personal questions, and like a dumbass, I answer them instead of just blowing them off.

Hey, things were going well and I couldn't help it.

I also gave in to every physical move she made instead of putting a price tag on myself and keeping her guessing. Basically, I did all my thinking with the wrong head.

She wanted to hold my hand — I let her. Kissing, touching — she initiated it all and I went for it on the first date. That's about as far as it went but I know that she could tell she was in control.

And when SHE is in control, YOU'RE screwed.

Over the next week, her interest level began to drop quicker than a USAir airplane. The challenge was over for her. I made it way too easy, and the worst part is, I knew I was screwing up the whole time. But I told myself that she was so into me that it didn't matter.

Boy was I W-R-O-N-G.

Now I hear from a mutual friend that she's after a 37-year-old. If I knew him I'd call him and warn him hehe. Hopefully he's old enough to know better than to make the dumb mistakes that I did.

Nobody should be as big of an idiot as me when it comes to first dates.