Why Don't You Have a Date on Valentine's Day?

by 007

It was Feb 14th (Valentine's Day) and I found myself wondering why I didn't have a hot date to hang with on such a symbolic day.

I figured I might as well go down to my local gym for a workout. That night, I learned something that completely changed my outlook on the whole dating/relationship game.

What I observed at the gym on Valentine's evening (between 7-9) was that there were absolutely no girls in the gym, but plenty of guys. Interestingly, these guys were well above average in looks, were in great shape, and all seemed to dress alright (for the gym).

So the question is...

Why didn't they have dates for Valentine's evening?

I decided to observe their behavior, see how they acted, body language, etc. while I was pumping iron.

This is what I observed...

  • Most of the guys there that night seemed overly nice and accommodating.
  • Some were very shy and passive.
  • I overhead two (very good-looking guys) whining about why they didn't have dates.
  • Most of the guys seemed awkward in the way they walked and carried themselves.
  • I noticed one man fleeing eye contact when one of the women who works at the gym exited her office and said hello to him.
  • Not a single one of them had anything in the way of real confidence.

But the most shocking observation I made that night, was that I was one of these guys... and I had to CHANGE my ways!

I concluded that, although many of these guys were very good looking and in shape, they lacked one very important element — CONFIDENCE. And that was the main reason they didn't have a date on Valentines evening.

And it also proves that you can be the best-looking guy around, but if you're unsure of yourself, you're dead wherever you go!