Why Having Problems with Women Is Good

Your Current Struggles Help Ensure Your Future Success

by Peak

I think that people who initially have troubles with women are much better off in the long run.

So count yourself lucky that you have the problems that you are facing!


Because all these problems you are having cause you to analyze your behavior as a person. Self-analysis causes positive self-growth and is a stepping stone to intellectual maturity. The younger the age that this internal search begins, the better for the person.

Many guys that never have problems with women when they are young remain ignorant to the happiness of the women in their lives. That is, they remain oblivious to the needs of their partner and apparently, to them, everything is well.

However, as the years roll on, in such situations partner dissatisfaction is inevitable. The woman finds she is increasingly unhappy in a situation with an inattentive partner, so she decides to leave the clueless guy.

Under the duress of a shattered good (in his eyes) relationship he must undergo an epiphany that the relationship was more a selfish dream of his own, rather than a two-way exchange of understanding and affection between lovers.

So, I say, count yourself lucky that you have problems today cause you have brighter prospects for understanding your future woman.

Chances are you'll get to hold on to her if you keep your game tight.