Why Women Love Foreign Guys

Use the Power of Exogamy to Make Getting Girls Easy

by Sgt. Ray

Get the heck out of Dodge, and go to a new town or country.

I was an AFC (average frustrated chump) in Fresno, CA who was totally alone. But the night I went to Mexico I had two women coming on to me, one of whom became a long-term relationship.

A friend of mine in Fresno loved going to Georgia, because he always scored with women who were attracted to the new kid in town. They loved his cute "accent."

Any US citizen, and I know this from personal experience, is gold in the Philippines. I was invisible in Fresno, but when I went to the Philippines, I noticed the salesgirls checking me out. Women were suddenly friendly.

My theory is that women have an instinct to mate outside of their immediate circle. (This is called exogamy.) Incest is almost universally forbidden. Native Americans couldn't marry within the same band, and Hmong can't marry anyone with the same last name. There's a universal urge to marry outside of one's territory, and I think this pays off for the guy from out of town.

I also think that the woman who is looking for a no-strings affair, particularly an affair that could destroy a marriage, sees the out-of-towner as the perfect guy.

Of course for you devious guys, there is the possibility of pretending to be from out of town...

I knew a guy who was devastated to find out that his "Australian" girlfriend wasn't really from Australia. But the ruse worked, because it made her more glamorous in his eyes.

I think there are three ways to play it:

  1. a permanent move
  2. a temporary move (a vacation, weekend trip)
  3. lie and say you're from out of town

Find someplace else you'd like to travel to or live. If you choose a third-world country, you have the advantage of being relatively rich. Plus, the world is filled with women who would love nothing more than to be hitched to a US citizen.

One advantage of being the out-of-towner is that you have the chance to re-create yourself. People in your small, rural town know you as a Nice Guy. They know you're a decent guy with an average job, and also know that your ex-wife or girlfriend dumped you to run off with the local hoodlum.

In another city, you can become whomever you want to be. You can start over, putting all of your stupidity behind you.

As a newcomer, you can also approach women to ask for directions, where are the hotspots, or best restaurants. It's not difficult to see a question like "Where's a good place to eat?" turning into a date with the two of you going there together.

I think a last issue is that the woman who wants a romantic, sexual fling, doesn't have to worry about you talking all over town, blabbing to her boyfriend, making a scene, etc. Because you will soon be gone. She is able to live out a fantasy without all of the slut repercussions that might occur, especially in a smaller town or city.

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