Why You Need a Good Wingman to Help You Meet and Pick Up Women

by Paradox

Sometimes when you go to a club, bar, lounge, etc., you will find women in groups. Many times they travel together and give each other support.

This is why you need support also.

Wingman is a slang term which refers to a friend or buddy pick up artist who gives you support.

Your wingman should:

  • help you spot potential girls
  • run interference
  • distract cock blockers (male and female)
  • provide a back up for your stories
  • help with social proof
  • provide info on the girls
  • and keep your spirits up if you get rejected.

In order to work together you have to establish rules with your wingman. Some pick up artists just work well together because they know what to do from experience.

If you want to approach a group of girls with your wingman you guys should decide which girl each of you are going to target. That will keep you from bumping heads.

Also get your stories straight. Don't surprise your wingman by telling a girl some wild tale about your job, car, etc., without telling your wingman first. She might try to verify your story. If she takes your wingman by surprise you lose major points.

The job of a wingman is just what the name implies. He stays by your side and provides support.

Your wingman should be your buddy and you guys should work together as a team.