Why You Should Be a Player With Women Instead of a "Nice Guy"

How to Get the Highest Quality Women

by Vassago

Personally, I think the player has a better chance of finding a long term relationship.

  • He meets more women so he has more options to choose from.
  • He has more game so he can get the one he wants.
  • And most importantly, he doesn't come from a place of need.

I know that when I was hooking up with a lot of women I always had long term relationship options. But when I decided to settle down and find someone special, everything seemed to dry out.

I have met all of my past loves at times when the last thing on my mind was a girlfriend. Women can smell neediness a mile away, and I think that is the biggest factor.

Of course there is also:

  • Social proof
  • The challenge of taming a bad boy
  • The primal attraction to a dangerous man


That all adds to the attraction. But at the same time if you go over the edge and become too much of a male slut, it will come back to haunt you.

I have noticed that the guys who get the highest quality women are those guys who you can't really put into a category. Guys who have one woman all of the time, and that one woman changes every couple months, until they find one that they can totally connect with. They always treat these women well, but they don't settle for anything less then the best.

These are the real players.

You'll never know it by talking to them, but you will hear the women talk about them because they are dying to be the next in line.