You Must Ask for Her Phone Number

No Special Lines Are Needed

by Anti-Dump

You must understand the TRUE purpose of asking for the number.

Asking for the number is a TEST OF INTEREST. It's not the number you are looking for at that moment. It's not the girl either. It's INTEREST.

We guys can't read minds and never will. Asking for the number cuts through all the nonsense. You can talk until doomsday. But when you say, "What's your home phone number?" the garbage STOPS.

Asking for the number "stands alone". What does that mean? It means you don't have to "lead up" to it or use a line with it. Examples:

You: This drink was real good.
She: I'm glad you liked it.
You: The music's good in this place.
She: Ronnie buys all the music.
You: What's your home phone number?

You can ask for the number at ANY TIME.

You just 'spring it on her'. It's spontaneous. No lines are needed.

Men think the women won't understand the question. When you ask for a number what you are really saying is, "Do you want to go out with me?" Giving or not giving you the number is her ANSWER.

You: Do you close at 1:00 PM?
She: Yes.
You: What's your home phone number?

Good Luck!