Your Fear of Approaching Women

Rethinking Prospect Theory to Overcome Your Fear of Approaching Women

by BigBadJon

Have you ever heard of the term prospect theory?

Prospect theory is based upon the idea that humans in general will go to greater lengths to avoid loss than they will to achieve gain. Your brain seems to place a disproportionate amount of importance on avoiding loss.

For example, if you see a girl that catches your eye, you want to make your move. Human nature is actually keeping you from following through with it.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that you aren't risking much of anything by making conversation with a female. So what are we afraid of?

We have to wake up and realize that we have SO much more to gain than we have to lose!

The problem lies in our perception of what we have to lose.

  • Will you get a disease from approaching a girl? NO.
  • Will you die? NO.
  • Will you be scarred for life if she rejects you? Again the answer is NO.

Ok now let's look at the positives. You could end up with a new friend. You could possibly get laid. You may even find the girl you've been waiting your whole life for!

Point is, we all need to stop focusing on the virtually nonexistent negatives, and concentrate on the many positives.

Go against human nature... it's the only way to succeed!