Your Foolproof Plan For Meeting Women In Bars and Clubs

5 Don Juan Principles I Learned Last Saturday Night

by Ginsengman23

The Don Juan principles I have learned in the last month really do work.

I went out to a nightclub that plays top 40 music. I was armed with my confidence and a game plan.

I read somewhere your clothing style should tell women "I'm not a little boy".

So instead of dressing up like the guy from limp bisquit (backward hat, bagging jeans, shirt hanging out) and looking like every other guy there, I put on my best clothes and looked very suave. So when I walked in the club the amount of "come hither" looks from girls was much more than normal.

Instead of hanging out on "death row", standing with all the other dudes staring at all the chicks on the dance floor, I just walked on the dance floor to find my new honey.

As I was walking around and dancing at the club I could feel my alpha maleness and confidence oozing out of my body. My attitude was "I am the shit, and girl you want a piece of this".

Then the 3 second rule was applied.

This girl is on the dance floor, we make eye contact, I was like "my 3 seconds are running out" so I just grabbed her around the waist and said something in her ear. Next thing I know I am getting major kino (touching) from this girl.

As we're grinding, she starts asking me "What's your name? What do you do?"

I told myself "Don't fall into the fluff talk trap", so I guided the conversation into a more sexual tone by complimenting her and used some humor as well.

So I ended up doing two things 1) made my sexual interest known and 2) showed her I am fun guy to be with.

Then I decided I need to get her off the dance floor. I used the line "Hey, I have something to tell you, come with me" and I took her hand and we left the dance floor.

Then we sat at a table, I bought her a drink. (I know some people would say I supplicated and should not have done so.) We started talking more, the conversation went really smooth after I realized I had to get her to talk about her emotions and feelings about blah blah blah, and I stayed away from the fluff talk.

Then I decided to go for the phone number close, and instead of saying "Hey, can I have your phone number?" I thought hey talk like you're the alpha male, so I said "Let's go have dinner sometime. What's your number?"

So I got the number. I wanted to stay and get some more phone numbers, but I didn't want to appear like I was a playa. So me and my friends left the club.

I learned 5 things that night.

  1. When you're going out, dress to impress.
  2. Don't walk around like you're the shy guy who wants somebody to talk to them. Walk around like you're THE MAN and go find somebody to talk to.
  3. Don't take time to create a plan on how you are going to meet that chick across the way. Just go over there, initiate the conversation, and flow with the situation.
  4. Get her off the dance floor when the time is right so you can go for the close.
  5. And lastly, bring your own damn car! She got a ride from her friends, and I got a ride from my friends. So all I could do was get a phone number close instead of a "back to my place" close.

I have gone to clubs and gotten girls' numbers before. But last Saturday I was armed with Don Juan knowledge, and I felt much more methodical and confident.

I'm really glad this information is on the Net.