7 Good Reasons to Shut Up When Talking to Girls

Stop Talking and Start Listening

by Robert

The temptation to brag about one's self when in the presence of a woman, can sometimes be overwhelming.

Here are some advantages of talking less when you are on a date with the girl of your dreams:

1) You will appear more mysterious.

Obviously the more you let her talk, and the less you talk, the less she will know about you.

This will make her wonder about you when you're not around therefore upping her interest in you.

2) The less you say, the less chance you have of saying something stupid.

3) The less you say, the more valuable everything you DO say will be perceived.

Rarity is perceived as being valuable.

4) You will give her the chance to express herself, and talk about her day.

Two things women love to do.

5) You won't appear desperate or insecure.

People who brag and talk all the time are constantly trying to get attention and make people approve of them.

By talking less, you will appear more cool, confident, and in control.

6) The less you say, the less you will have to worry about figuring out something to say.

7) The more you let her talk, the more you can find out about her.

And the more you know about her, the better you will be as a Don Juan towards her.

Remember what they say in marketing: "Know your target customer. Only then will you truly know how to win them over."

And remember, when you do say something, it should be brief and to the point.

It should state something about your ambition or drive to succeed.

Or better still, it could be simple feedback concerning something she has just said to you.

The key is to keep the conversation on her. Find out as much as possible about her.

Only then will you truly know how to deal with her.

SoSuave Note: Listening well, and saying very little, has always been an effective and easy way to succeed with women.

But in this day and age, the era of the smartphone and constant never-ending distractions, listening well has become nearly extinct.

Master it and you claim great power with women.