7 Simple Ways to Become More Attractive to Women

Follow These 7 Quick Tips and Instantly Become More Successful With Women

by Disciple

1) Never spend time wondering whether a girl likes you or not before approaching her. A lot of girls that may like you won't show it or give off any buying signals. Just start mackin and see how she's reacting.

2) Women will create drama just to have something to complain about and talk about with their friends.

3) As soon as a woman knows that she has you completely and there is no danger of you going anywhere, it is game over, and she will eventually leave you or cheat on you.

4) Whatever you did in the beginning to get her is exactly what you have to keep doing to keep her. Seems obvious but most guys don't do this.

5) Never tell a woman that you love her if she hasn't said that to you first.

6) When you are with a woman, it is okay to give her one compliment. Anything more than that will be perceived as approval seeking and ass kissing.

7) If you don't have a girlfriend and a girl asks you if you have a girlfriend, never tell her you aren't dating anybody. Tell her you have several women you have been dating on a casual level but nothing serious.

This may seem a bit dishonest, but if you tell a woman you are completely alone she'll wonder why. Then she will conclude that if no other women want you, there must be a good reason and she'll lose interest.