Ask a Woman This Question on the First Date

And She Will Think You Are Clever and Amazing and a Great Conversationalist

by Craig

The next time you see the girl of your dreams, the one who just sent you to the moon and back in about a half a second, ask her this question.

It beats any "line" because it is truly interesting and you will hear the most interesting, most important-to-her-heart answers.

After all, the most important things to her gives you a big picture of who she is and a long list of super-important things to talk about.

When you talk about what is important to the other person, and be a good listener, they'll think you're the best conversationalist in the whole world.

Ask this:

Did you ever hear that old saying, "Be kind to strangers because you never know when you're entertaining an angel"? If I were an angel, and I said to you I'm going to grant you one wish and one wish only, but you have 60 seconds to tell me what it is, what would it be?

I have asked this question for over 7 years.

EVERY TIME I have the most sincere answers and great conversations.

I just got 100% of their attention and guess what?

I find what's more important to her in 5 minutes than people that have known her for 5 years!