Dating Tips from the "Blind Date" TV Show

Over 900 Episodes of What to Do and What Not to Do on the First Date

by Jimmy

Hey, have you guys heard of Blind Date? As the name implies, the show is about people meeting and having a date without formal introduction. Anyway, this is a great show to watch because it shows every mistake a man can make and how to properly treat a girl on the first date.

Some of these guys are extremely talented, and a lot of them end up in the girls' apartments the next morning. Some other guys get completely rejected and are sometimes embarrassed by their dates.

Here are some of the tricks I see being done:

* Hot tubs or swimming pools are great for getting a girl in the mood. Up to now I haven't seen a rejection from a guy who took a girl to a hot tub.

* Smiles work wonders, but they don't get you breakfast in the morning unless you listen to what the woman says.

* One thing I notice that gets you a nice kiss is: look straight in the woman's eyes, and then her mouth, and when you think she's into you, get closer and go for the kiss. This always seems to work...