Here Is a Great Place to Meet Women

This Works Especially Well on a College Campus

by CobraJet Man

A good place to meet new women is at a local blood drive.

There are many questions you can ask to start conversations, such as if she has given blood before, how does her body react to donating, how great it is to donate, etc.

Secondly, when blood is drawn most people feel a little bit queasy, and they are more receptive to speaking with strangers as a result. In a sense, this feeling can be compared to a very mild intoxication.

Afterwards, donors are offered to sit down and have something to drink and snack on to increase their blood sugar. The queasiness usually does not wear off totally by that point, so it's easy to sit down next to that lovely lady you have been staring at and strike up a conversation.

At my school's blood drive, I found myself speaking to attractive girls who I have never spoken to before, and they were all receptive.

Of course, don't forget those most important phone numbers.