How Being Outrageous Can Get You Laid

by Dr. Rogers

Every man likes to daydream about having a special suit with amazing pulling powers.

Imagine if just a simple set of clothes could transform your persona so completely that women actually flock to you in droves without any prompting?

I'm sure you're all thinking I've watched one too many Superman reruns, but I speak from experience.

A Super Surprise

My friend informed me of an 80's party that was taking place. So I did my lame last minute preparation and bought an odd looking shirt for $1.50 from a charity shop.

Upon questioning my friend about what he was wearing, he would only reveal it was a "super surprise."

When I went to pick him up I found he had purchased a full Superman outfit, complete with cape and external lycra underwear.

I contained my laughter and commended him on his amazing confidence at wearing this tight, brightly colored costume on the street. And we still had to travel half way across London to get to the party.

We Got Everyone's Attention

No sooner had we began to walk down the street did I notice that EVERY person was smiling and looking genuinely interested. The usually reserved English residences were actually being openly friendly to a stranger!

Then for the tube ride.

Being a Saturday night several groups of young ladies were traveling on the tube. Two separate groups pleaded to have their photo taken with "the man of steel."

Then upon our destination, Superman had to get cash out near the station. While doing so a random girl approached him and snogged him with no hesitation.

Needless to say I left the party without the company of my friend.

Let's just say that he found his Louis Lane for the night.

The Moral of the Story

Don't be afraid to do something outrageous every once in a while.

Go out on a limb and make yourself look ridiculous.

Having the courage to be amusing is a great way to communicate your obvious confidence, without having to even open your mouth.