How to Attract Women Without Saying a Word

What You Say Is Less Important Than Your Posture and Body Language

by Anjin

Have you even seen a guy walk into a room and all the women turn and look?

Have you noticed that it's not always the pretty boys who get that treatment?

The secret is one of the key components of Charisma, namely: Regal Bearing.

Regal Bearing

Simply put, a Regal Bearing identifies you as "royalty."

Someone who is used to ranking high in social circles. Someone used to the attention of beautiful women, unfazed by interaction with the "beautiful people" because he is one of the beautiful people. Someone who never gets star-struck because he is the star.

I'm sure you remember the "popular" people in high school. Did the hottest cheerleader gawk at the football captain? Of course not, she could have him any day of the week. This is the essence of Regal Bearing. The King trembles for no one.

Regal Bearing may be broken down into two fundamentals: Posture, and Body Language.


Posture means what you think it means.

Are you standing up straight or slouching? Are your shoulders back or rounded forward? Do you move as if you are in command of your body or as if you can barely walk a straight line?

Women (and men who would follow you) respond to someone who has good posture, even if they can't exactly identify it.

Because women will often decide whether they'd sleep with you within the first three minutes of meeting you, your posture is critical in those first few minutes.

If she sees you slouching, you don't look vibrant, strong, and powerful. Basically, good posture gives you a shot at courting her, bad posture makes her think you're ineffective and weak.

Women don't want ineffective or weak lovers.

Good For Your Body

Posture is important for another reason. It's better for your body.

Proper posture will save you from unhealthy stresses and strains on your skeleton and muscles, which will help prevent back pain and other ailments later in life.

You can save yourself a lot of grief later on if you begin now to take it easy on your body.

When you've developed and maintained proper posture, you will notice you can move more gracefully, like a jaguar.

Poor posture make you move like a hippo, slow and clunky.

Body Language

Body Language flows naturally from proper posture.

You are surely familiar with the idea that your body language communicates a great deal, if not more than your speech.

As it applies to charisma in general and Regal Bearing in particular, you want your body language to speak well of you.

Ideally, your body language should communicate strength, grace, competence, and command.

I Am A Champion

It may help you to think to yourself, especially as you enter a situation where you'll meet women,

"I have the bearing of a Champion, because I am a Champion."

That concept, "I am a Champion," will position you well along the path to a truly effective body language. When coupled with good posture, you will quickly find your Charisma, and thereby self-esteem, skyrocketing.

Best of luck, men.

Stay true to yourself and don't let them get you down.