How to Become Fearless With Women

by Dante Yore

One of the best aphrodisiacs I have found is not being scared.

Women are like bees – they smell fear. They can tell while you are approaching them whether or not you are confident. It's like this sixth sense that God has given them.

So what is the answer?

Learn to fake confidence.

The easiest way to do so is to get your feet wet. See confidence is like a hot bath, you don't just jump right on in. You get your feet wet and slowly get into the tub. The funny part is somehow, when you finally get all the way in, the water doesn't feel as hot as it first might have.

Meaning it is not a bad thing to get turned down by any woman you approach. Sure it hurts a little bit, but you are getting your feet wet. Slowly building up your confidence.

My friends and I came up with a foolproof way to project confidence: FAIL!

Go to a bar with some of your single friends and instead of trying to come out as the big pimp of the night, see who can come out the biggest loser.

My friends and I will actually go into a bar and have a competition to see who can get rejected the most, all throwing in $20 to the winner.

The funny part is it backfires!

Because we are walking up to women expecting nothing more but to fail, we approach them fearlessly. We are not scared of rejection because we are trying to obtain it.

We actually get more phone numbers at the end of the night doing this then when we actually try to get the number the old fashioned way.

You become fearless, no longer caring about getting rejected because, either way, you come out a winner.

Corny pickup lines or being a complete ahole seem to all payoff. Women actually sense the fact that you are not scared of them and become turned on and attracted to you. Women figure if a man is not scared of rejection, he must not be rejected very much.

This makes you a challenge.

And women actually start hitting on you.