How to Command a Girl's Attention

Ambiguity and Confusion Are Powerful Weapons of Seduction

by Alberto

In order to be attractive, you have to fix the attention on you. Fixing the attention on you is very easy if you act upon a basic principle of brain functioning — that we have a tendency to give one and only one meaning to everything, even a non-sense thing.

So, if your behavior is ambiguous and contradictory, you will be able to fix all the attention on you, because you evoke a mechanism that will continue an inner research until a satisfactory meaning can be found.

And when this meaning is found, it's time for you to behave inconsistently in order to generate other confusion.

When your dream lady is stressed enough, then you can give her some clear signals, that will be accepted desperately and without resistance, because they are the only clear things in the picture.

You need some exercise, because ambiguity is a very powerful weapon, and can damage even yourself. But after some practice, wow, you will get every lady that you want. It's only a matter of the right amount of confusion.

Try it. It works very, very well. It's a kind of magic.