How to Get Inside a Woman's Head

And Make Her Think About You When You're Not Around

by Elimidate

Next time you stay at her place, remember to always "accidentally" leave something behind in which she will remember you by.

Think about it for a second.

I bet a women has left an article of clothing behind at your place and whenever you saw it, you thought about her... right? You may have even gone as far as smelling her perfume on it which brought back memories of her!

So why not reverse this trick and use it to your advantage?

It will not only make her think about you every time she sees it, but it also sets up a meeting for her to return it to you in the near future.

The best things I find to leave are your watch or your sweater that smells like your cologne. (A women recently told me she loved the smell of my cologne on my sweater and that she had actually slept with it beside her!)

Articles to avoid leaving are your wallet, cell phone, or anything that gives her too much information.

Try this out and I guarantee you will see the results!